Morgan Wright

    Morgan Wright has been described by his peers as a naturally gifted musician. His compositions and performance are thoughtfully brilliant and supercharged with intensity and artistry. He is a handsome man; a romantic, who enjoys entertaining and having fun with his audience.

    Morgan Wright is an eccentric soul. His music is charged with passion and enthusiasm. He continuously challenges his self-awareness, and with appreciation, reaches out to life’s possibilities and opportunities. His creative process is synergistic.His life experience has been full of ‘highs and lows’, successes and failures. Morgan is grateful for his ability to reflect, search and express the emotionally creative side of himself as he navigates his personal journey in music.

    Morgan Wright invites his audience into a soulful, enchanting, listening experience through his mastery of the guitar and his signature vocal style to share his songs with his audience. You may feel he is speaking to you personally with an eloquence that lifts you above the mundane to a higher plane were the message is full of understanding, hope, wisdom and a greater understanding of Truth.

    Morgan Wright is on “The BRiNK of making waves in the music community. His sound and presence will be heard and felt abroad quite soon. He is currently working in the Studio at VOODOO Records to complete his Debut Album Release, slated January 2018.


  •  PIANO
  • CLARINET / 1st Symphonic
  •  DRUMS
  •  BASS




  •  Melancholy
  • The Taxi-Waxers
  •  Born Faceless
  •  Dead Center
  •  Born Faceless
  •  The Brink Band


  •  Chine Drive Public School
  • R.H. King
  • Civic Centre
  •  Roy Thompson Hall (Televised)
  • Eaton Centre (Televised)
  • Tara Inn (Scarborough)
  • Sneaky Dees (Toronto)
  • Elma Combo (Toronto)
  •  Beyond the 8 Ball (Milton)
  •  The Asylum
  •  Lee’s Palace
  •  Devils’ Lake
  •  The Black Bear Pub (Ajax)


  • “Abduction ‘0’(3 song Demo)
    Studio 92 Norm Barker
  • “Face in the Water” (Full length E.P.)
  • “Notes to Self” (3-song Demo)
  • “My Cardinal” (3-Song Demo)
  • “The Brink (self titled E.P.)